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bamboo menu
bamboo menu

Chef’s Seasonal Menu: all about bamboo


This month, Chef Hong Luu has been working with the eternally versatile gourmet’s delight, bamboo, in order to create a special Chef’s Seasonal Menu with a little extra spring. Combining the firm texture and earthy flavours of bamboo with the soft, light essences of fish and shellfish, this month’s Seasonal Menu unites all the elements in perfect harmonies of sweet and sour, earth and water, firm and soft.

See the menu below for all of these delicious creations available a la carte.

And Chef Hong is not the only one who’s been busy. Our bar team has cooked up a delicious range of cocktails that celebrate the deliciously sharp flavours of Takeo Tamarind Liqueur (Sraa Takeo). Perfect for enjoying before your meal, or as you dine.

First off, there is the Takeo Passion, mixing Sraa Takeo with passion fruit, lime palm sugar and soda, for a refreshing drink with a little bite. The Takeo Amaretto takes a softer approach, mixing the liqueur with the almond tones of Amaretto and the softness of Crème de Banane, rounded off with lime and sugar. And finally, the delightful Takeo Pink blends Sraa Takeo with sweet grenadine, orange juice, lime and sugar, for a fruity punch. At just $4++ for each cocktail, there’s scarcely a more delicious way to kick off another wonderful evening of fine Khmer food and romance.

ត្រីរ៉ស់អាំងជាមួយទំពាំងជ្រក់ 36900៛​ 9$
Grilled goby fish with bamboo pickle

ម្ជូរខ្ទិះសាច់ក្តាមជាមួយទំពាំង 45100៛​ 11$
M’Chou ktis crab meat with bamboo shoots

ខបង្កង​ជាមួយទំពាំង 102500៛​ 25$
Khor bangkang with bamboo shoots

ល្ពៅដុតជាមួយស្ករត្នោតនិងផ្លែមៀនខ្មែរ 14350៛​ 3.5$
Pumpkin with palm sugar and longan Khmer fruit

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