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10 Gift Ideas For Mothers Day May 8th
10 Gift Ideas For Mothers Day May 8th

10 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day (May 8th)


Although it’s a Western holiday, Mother’s Day is becoming widely celebrated among families in Cambodia on May 8. Remember, there are all types of mothers, so looking for a good gift for Mother’s Day can feel stressful. While there are many popular ideas on what to get her, here are some ideas and places to check out in Phnom Penh.

Exquisite Cambodian Cuisine

You can’t go wrong with treating your Mum at Malis and charm her by the romantic place, a superb garden oasis with its lush vegetation around the fish pond. Malis is the perfect place for an unforgettable Cambodian feast in the serenity of their courtyard, or air-conditioned dining room.


Lavish Dinner

You can brag that you treated your mom to one of the 100 best restaurants in Asia with Phnom Penh’s own Topaz. For over two decades, Topaz has been leading the French fine dining in Cambodia. Through carefully selecting ingredients garnered from the Marché Rungis in Paris and selected suppliers across France and Cambodia, Topaz is now the first restaurant in Cambodia to make it to the Asia top 100 list. After enjoying a beautiful Tajima Wagyu steak and indulging her taste buds in the sinful delight of sweet bananas flambé in Caribbean dark rum, your mother may think you are the best child ever!


The Green Thumb

If your mother doesn’t like to eat much or loves to garden, a great gift to consider is a small fruit tree. Fruit trees generally symbolize life and strength as well as help brighten up the home. The heart-shaped lime tree leaf is associated with the heart and is symbolic of love and fidelity. As a tree dedicated to the Greek goddess Venus, it is the tree of maternal love.

Soothe the Stress

Is your mother stressed or always annoyed at you all the time? Ease her anger and her stress with a relaxing spa or massage day. Luxury Spa have some products that can create a relaxation sanctuary at home or at their venues. After two hours of massages, face spa, and soft music, your mother will forget that you never visit over the weekends.

I “Art” You Cards

If you are on a budget or are very creative, try making a gift for her this year. Making a card out of paper, markers, and glue can show how much you appreciate the woman who took care of you. Write a heartfelt thank you or recall a story from your childhood and add it to a blank card. Cards that say “I love you” can go a long way to showing your love, just make sure it\’s not the joking kind or else you may have to pay for that one for the rest of the year!

Treasured Memories

Another DIY(Do It Yourself) project you can create is a scrapbook. Although it takes time and a huge amount of effort, a simple photo book with personal captions and messages can make your mother cry in happiness. This is also a good activity if you are no longer able to see your mom, preserving memories is a great way to honor the time spent with someone who is no longer there.


For any mom who loves watching movies, Doctor Stange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released on May 5th, just in time for Mother’s Day. It literally shortens to MOM! Treat her to the full experience of popcorn, slushies, and reclining chairs at a cinema, she will feel like a teenager again.

Twist on Traditional Flowers

If you are still stuck and want to go the traditional route of flowers, then a trip to Central Market is your best bet. If your mom is sensitive to smells and pollen, a bouquet of paper flowers may be better for her. More and more artisans are turning towards flower making, even creating flowers out of money! Imagine your mom receiving a bunch of flowers and on closer inspection, she sees they are made of $20 bills!

Herbal Tea

Forget coffee or regular teas, the new tonic for long life is herbal teas. They have no to little caffeine and have many health benefits for the nerves and gut. A great gift for the mother who refuses to give up her guilty pleasures of greasy food and sweets, herbal teas can help detox or digest whatever ails her. At the very least, it is a great alternative drink.


At the end of the day, it all depends on what a mother wants. But one of the best gifts any child can give a parent is to spend time with them. From having a meal to looking over photos, many parents will just appreciate the time spent with their children. If you have a mother who is not looking for that, then I suggest going with an envelope of money and a nod goodbye or just a small thank you.

Written by: Sotheavy Nou


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