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khmer dessert
khmer dessert

The sweet taste of Cambodia


No meal is complete without some great desserts! Cambodian desserts are famous all over Asia, and they are starting to become popular overseas as well.

Traditional Cambodian desserts (Khmer sweets) include taro on rice-based puddings and custards. Dishes using durian, bananas and mango are also popular. So should it be durian ice-cream or taro dumplings, our chefs will definitely have a delicious dessert for you.

Here are some of our dessert selection at Malis:

  • Durian Delight
    Taro style dumplings cooked in coconut milk and ginger sauce with Num Ko corn and durian ice cream
  • Malis Mousse
    Jasmine flower infused mousse with hints of Cambodian honey and ginger, circled with fresh seasonal fruits and served with a crunchy rice ‘Kamao Thort’ and coconut ice cream
  • Palm in Coconut
    Delicious young palm fruit cooked in coconut milk and served with a coconut jelly and vanilla ice cream
  • Kampot Pepper Brûlée
    Brûlée with a pepper twist, served with Borbor Ambok in coconut milk and a jasmine infused ice cream

Book a table now and enjoy traditional Cambodian cuisine at Malis Restaurant!

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